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Hospital Administrator
Posted: 11/24/2023


Oceans Behavioral Hospital of Tupelo
4579 South Eason Blvd
Tupelo, MS 38881



At Oceans Behavioral Hospital of Tupelo, healing is our focus. We are passionate about helping adolescents and adults manage the challenges associated with anxiety, depression and other mental health issues. Utilizing proven, innovative and progressive therapies, our qualified professionals strive to promote long-term wellness through a range of inpatient and outpatient psychiatric counseling and treatment options.

The Administrator is responsible for the overall leadership and operation of the facility’s services, departments, budget and functions, subject to oversight by the Board of Directors.  The Administrator directs the ongoing mission and philosophy of care of the facility by demonstrating leadership through exploring, developing, accepting and implementing new ideas with vision, foresight, and customer sensitivity to meet the facility’s and community’s needs.  The Administrator shall assure the facility is adequately staffed, programming standards are met and adequate resources are provided to meet the needs of the patient populations served.  The Administrator is responsible for the facility’s financial performance, overseeing departmental and committee activity, coordinating efforts to established facility/committee goals, strategic planning, performance improvement planning, marketing and community liaison activities in adherence with the facility policy and procedures, compliance plan, and all internal and external regulatory bodies that apply to the daily operation of the facility.  All duties to be done in accordance with Joint Commission, Federal and State regulations, Oceans Behavioral Mission, policies and procedures and Performance Improvement Standards.


Essential Functions:

  1. Managing the overall operation of the Hospital, with responsibility to the Governing Board, including control, utilization, and conservation of its physical and financial assets.
  2. Review and advise in the preparation of annual budget showing the hospital's expected receipts and expenditures; responsible for the supervision of all business affairs and to ensure that all expenditures are controlled to the best possible advantage.
  3. Managing the ongoing functions of the Hospital by recruiting, employing, and directing adequate numbers of appropriate trained professional and auxiliary personnel, including   delegating duties appropriately;
  4. Submits monthly reports showing the professional service and financial activities of the hospital and  prepares and submits such special reports as may be required by the Governing Body.
  5. Assisting the Governing Body in formulating policy by preparing and presenting to and reviewing with the Governing Body (i) long-term and short-term plans of the Hospital, (ii) reports on the nature and extent of funding and other available resources, (iii) reports describing the Hospital's operations, (iv) reports evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of the Hospital or its program activity, and (v) budgets and financial statements. 
  6. To attend, or have his designated representative attend, all meetings of the Medical Staff; name hospital departmental representatives to Medical Staff committees, when appropriate, and when requested by the Medical Staff.  Cooperates with the Medical Staff and to secure like cooperation on the part of all those concerned with the rendering of professional service to the end that the best possible care may be rendered to all patients.
  7. Complies with Federal and State statutes and regulations in the performance of his/her duties; Assures that appropriate policies, plans and goals are effectively communicated to all staff members.
  8. Determine which care, treatment or services are provided directly and which are provided through consultation, contract or other agreement.
  9. Assures that leadership assesses patient flow issues within the hospital, the impact on patient safety and mitigation of that impact.
  10. Performs other related duties as assigned.


A minimum of a Master’s Degree, with the undergraduate or graduate degree in a Behavioral Services, Administration or a related health care field.  Must possess one of the following: (1) Master's Degree and at least three years of full time experience in progressively responsible management positions in healthcare or (2) a Baccalaureate Degree and at least five years of full time experience in progressively responsible management positions in healthcare or (3) at least ten years of full time experience in hospital administration.

The Administrator must be a sound leader who possesses excellent communication and interpersonal skills to foster cooperation across departmental lines and manage information, environmental and fiscal resources to accomplish goals.  The Administrator must be able to maintain and demonstrate a broad knowledge of tasks and assets necessary to accomplish the company objectives.  Must have knowledge about needs and requirements of third party payers and the ability to be culturally sensitive to diverse groupings of employees and consumers of services as well as maintain knowledge.  Must be continually be up-to-date on State, Federal regulations; The Joint Commission regulations, etc.  Must successfully complete CPR certification and an Oceans approved behavioral health de-escalation program.

Subject to many interruptions.  Occasional pressure due to multiple calls and inquiries.  This position can be high paced and stressful; must be able to cope mentally and physically to atmosphere.  This person might sometimes experience disagreeable odors, sights and/or unpredictable patient behavior.  Work requires spending approximately 90% or more of the time inside a building that offers protection from weather conditions but not necessarily from temperature changes.   May be required to travel.

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It is the policy of Oceans Healthcare to provide equal employment opportunity in employment to all associates and applicants for employment. No person is to be discriminated against in employment because of race, religion, color, sex, age, genetic information, national origin, pregnancy, disability, military status or any other classification protected by applicable local, state or federal law. This policy applies to all terms, conditions, and privileges of employment. Although the company does not discriminate on the basis of citizenship, it is required to comply with federal laws to ensure that its workforce is legally eligible to work in the United States.